Sunday, October 7, 2012

Kickstart my Cyber Heart 2.0

As some of you may already know, I have the honor to be the Line Developer for the Interface Zero Savage Worlds setting. We are getting ready to launch our Kickstarter for the 2nd Edition of the core book. This has been an exciting and crazy ride so far and we have not even hit the point of launching it yet [coming soon - stay tuned!]. We are currently in development of the 2.0 rules which will streamline the system in ways we never thought about or considered in the first edition of the game. We are using [with permission] the Archetype rules from Jason L Blair’s amazing “Streets of Bedlam” setting. We are looking at streamlining the Cyberwear from a pick-a-part system to a series of packages and have already made the Hacking rules as streamlined as any I have ever used in a Cyberpunk setting. [IZ Hacking 2.0] We are streamlining the character creation rules in other ways as well and are really excited and thankful for the fans who have played and supported the game so far. We have listened to the requests for simpler and FFF style rules and we are doing what we can to comply.

We are also not going to leave you with just a reboot to the system, but are expanding the coverage to include areas of the world that were not touched on in the first edition. We are also advancing the story line and moving the setting a few years forward so we can visit issues that have taken place in the world of IZ. I am very pleased to be able to tell you all about this and set it up for you to know what we need and where we would love to see this setting go. We will be working to make 2.0 happen even if the KS fails, but if we succeed we will be able to complete the work on this new book faster and get this great product into production much faster! Some of the stretch goals are going to be fun and amazing. You can expect to see dice, custom bennies and maybe even some miniatures or Golemech Showdown rules if we manage to pull it all off. So, who has tried IZ and what do you want to see from the setting/rules?

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