Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Portable Warfare Miniature Bag

So having just recently gotten into Dust Warfare from Fantasy Flight games and with the fact I am going to Gen Con this year to play in the Dust Warfare Tournament, I was looking for a new bag to tote my miniatures around in.  Then I remembered I had gotten and done a review on a product from a company called "Portable Warfare" and had liked the bag, but had since sold off the miniatures I originally had in the case.

I pulled the bag out, dusted it off and found that it is perfect for hauling my Dust miniatures around in and thought I would re-visit this great product.  The bag is called "The Sergeant" and I assume this will be to designate it from later products.

First, the bag measures 11" Deep [including front pockets] x 14" Wide and 12" Tall.  It has a secure and strong shoulder strap that can be removed and can be used to link more than one bag together [one on top of the other].  It has lots of pouches and pockets that hold all the dice, tape measures and other bits and bobs you may need to bring along.

The trays are what make it quite unique, in that they are made with a stiffer blue colored foam on the bottom of the tray that not only holds the tray together, but doesn't bend like some other trays I have tried.  The trays do not come with a custom design option, but have a really good set of pluck foam that can be made to fit any size you need.  The company makes trays in a 1", 1.5", 2", 2.5", 3" and 4" thickness that are 7.5" x 13".  As you can see from the photos, I have fit a lot of figures and even my Medium Walkers into these trays and have not even used one of my 1.5"" and one of the 1" trays.  This means I have a space for up to 32 more infantry and even have the room for one more light walker.  Now, I may need to order some new trays for my SSU figures, but I am good with that as the company offers tray individually as well as a few configurations when you buy the bag.  The bag comes in Gun Metal Grey, Army Green, Chaos Pink and Tactical Orange!

They have also started making a new product called "The APC " which is a low cost miniature storage solution, that is customizable and easy to store.

You can reach the company at the Portable Warfare website.

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