Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hawk who?

Ok, so there was a really huge surprise company that came out of left field at Salute in the UK.  The company is called Hawk Wargaming and they are prepping for their first miniature game release.  A 10mm Sci-fi wargame they are calling "Dropzone Commander".  Check out these great figures they have been showing sneak-peeks of on their website and Facebook page.

You can get a little more info from their Facebook page HERE and see some more of their minis at their main website HERE.  There is not a lot of information on the game yet, but the miniatures are stunning and the game goes on pre-order on 06/01/12...


  1. I also am keeping my eye on this one. Beasts of War have a great video interviewing Dropzone Commander's creator and showing off their display at Salute here:

    1. It does. Looks like they are doing buildings and all kinds of coolness. I hope the game is half as good as the figures!!!