Friday, April 27, 2012

A Dust Warfare Battle Report

A view from Turn 1
So my friend John and I had our first full blown test game last night.  This is going to be a report of how the setup played out, what scenario we used and how the system flowed.  I am also including our force lists below so you all can see what we did.  I do have to apologize about the odd colored table cover, as we were playing at my home since I am recovering from surgery from earlier this week and I could not find my green or brown battle mat and I wanted to avoid having the wife kill me for damaging her dining room table.

All that said, I played Allies and John played the Axis.  We decided to go for a 150 point battle as this would limit us to 1 Platoon and would likely prevent us from bringing any Heavy Walkers into the game [not that either of us didn't consider it for a second or 2].

John's List

John's Walkers Advance
John went with a Blutkreuz Platoon.  They have a few nice abilities, such as the ability to automatically assign a new Unit Leader with out a "Regroup" order during the Command Phase.  Also, the Strumpioniere has an ability that allows the platoon to take a Sniper or Observer Team outside of the normal Support choices.  John, knowing he was only going to be taking 3 sections [1 Command, 1st and 2nd] took the Platoon Upgrade "Extra Panzer Support" so he could field an additional Light Walker in the platoon.  Here is how his list broke down:
  • Command Section [Mandatory]:  Strumpioniere Unit [25 AP]
  • 1st Section [Mandatory]: Heavy Flak Grenadiers [26 AP] - this was an illegal choice and we did not catch it until the game was over
  • 2nd Section: Heavy Flak Grenadiers [26 AP]
  • Support Unit 1: "Hans" Light walker [25 AP]
  • Platoon Upgrade: Extra Panzer Support [10 AP]
  • Support Unit 2: "Hans Light walker [25AP]
  • Special Support Unit [Command unit special ability]: Sniper Grenadier Team [12 AP]
Total: 149 AP

Gobbo's List

I decided to go with a Hero for my Command section instead of a unit, as I wanted to use the Elite Platoon, but don't currently have the Heavy Ranger Command Squad.  I decided not to take a platoon upgrade and went with the following:
  • Command Section [Mandatory]: Rhino [22 AP]
  • 1st Section [Mandatory]: Heavy Ranger Tank Hunter Squad [35 AP]
  • 2nd Section: Heavy Ranger Assault Squad [28 AP]
  • 3rd Section: Combat Ranger Squad w/upgrade to 2nd Bazooka [20 AP]
  • Support Unit 1: M2-C "Ponder" Medium Walker [40 AP]
Total: 145 AP

Pinned down by Suppression

The Scenario

We decided to use the Battle Builder to make our scenario and we rolled off and I rolled lowest and had to allocate one of my Scenario Points first.  I placed my first choice in Objective, which brought us to the "Eliminate the Enemy" objective.  john then placed his 1st point in Conditions, which took us to "None".  I placed my 2nd point into Deployment for the"Force Collision" deployment option.  John supprised me and placed his last point into Conditions again, this made it "Off-Target Shelling".  So the final scenario was:
  • Objective: Eliminate the Enemy [1 Superiority Point per unit eliminated]
  • Deployment: Force Collision [24" quarter circle deployment on opposite table corners]
  • Battlefield Conditions: Off Target Shelling [Units do not remove suppression markers in the End Phase]
Terrain was placed and we used "Competitive Terrain Placement" rules and deployed per the rules.  The game clock was set to 5 turns and the game was afoot! 

Only a matter of time!
I will not go into the blow by blow of the game.  At the end of Turn 5, John had lost his 2 "Hans" and one unit of Heavy Flack Grenadiers.  I had lost Rhino and the Heavy Ranger Assault Squad he was attached too, my Combat Ranger Squad and my Heavy Ranger Tank Hunter Squad [with only one man left] was retreating off the battlefield.  So the game was a tie [we didn't bother to figure out the tie breaker].  John was declared the winner, as all I had left was my Pounder on the table.

All in all, the game played very smooth and we really enjoyed ourselves.  We can not wait to play again in a larger capacity.  The game would have been much harder for me had I not had cover on 2 of my units for most of the game and had John's Sniper failed to hit several times [even having to roll 'blanks' to hit].  Also, had Rhino been a solo Hero, it would have given John one more point and given him the win.

I have to say the rule that surprised me the most was the Cover rule.  Back in playtest Cover worked as it does in Tactics [Roll one die per wound, soft cover eliminates one per hit, hard cover eliminates one per blank] and I thought the new rule was going to suck, but the one auto wound remover for the unit in soft cover and 2 in hard really made it hard to take some troops out!

I cannot wait to give this game another go!  

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