Sunday, April 29, 2012

More Dropzone Commander Pics

Neptune Medium Class Drop Ship
So this is the Neptune Class Medium Dropship.  It is able to carry walkers as in the second Photo...
Pretty cool and they said in an interview on Beasts of War that it can easily be set up with magnets so they are removable.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hawk who?

Ok, so there was a really huge surprise company that came out of left field at Salute in the UK.  The company is called Hawk Wargaming and they are prepping for their first miniature game release.  A 10mm Sci-fi wargame they are calling "Dropzone Commander".  Check out these great figures they have been showing sneak-peeks of on their website and Facebook page.

You can get a little more info from their Facebook page HERE and see some more of their minis at their main website HERE.  There is not a lot of information on the game yet, but the miniatures are stunning and the game goes on pre-order on 06/01/12...

Friday, April 27, 2012

A Dust Warfare Battle Report

A view from Turn 1
So my friend John and I had our first full blown test game last night.  This is going to be a report of how the setup played out, what scenario we used and how the system flowed.  I am also including our force lists below so you all can see what we did.  I do have to apologize about the odd colored table cover, as we were playing at my home since I am recovering from surgery from earlier this week and I could not find my green or brown battle mat and I wanted to avoid having the wife kill me for damaging her dining room table.

All that said, I played Allies and John played the Axis.  We decided to go for a 150 point battle as this would limit us to 1 Platoon and would likely prevent us from bringing any Heavy Walkers into the game [not that either of us didn't consider it for a second or 2].

John's List

John's Walkers Advance
John went with a Blutkreuz Platoon.  They have a few nice abilities, such as the ability to automatically assign a new Unit Leader with out a "Regroup" order during the Command Phase.  Also, the Strumpioniere has an ability that allows the platoon to take a Sniper or Observer Team outside of the normal Support choices.  John, knowing he was only going to be taking 3 sections [1 Command, 1st and 2nd] took the Platoon Upgrade "Extra Panzer Support" so he could field an additional Light Walker in the platoon.  Here is how his list broke down:
  • Command Section [Mandatory]:  Strumpioniere Unit [25 AP]
  • 1st Section [Mandatory]: Heavy Flak Grenadiers [26 AP] - this was an illegal choice and we did not catch it until the game was over
  • 2nd Section: Heavy Flak Grenadiers [26 AP]
  • Support Unit 1: "Hans" Light walker [25 AP]
  • Platoon Upgrade: Extra Panzer Support [10 AP]
  • Support Unit 2: "Hans Light walker [25AP]
  • Special Support Unit [Command unit special ability]: Sniper Grenadier Team [12 AP]
Total: 149 AP

Gobbo's List

I decided to go with a Hero for my Command section instead of a unit, as I wanted to use the Elite Platoon, but don't currently have the Heavy Ranger Command Squad.  I decided not to take a platoon upgrade and went with the following:
  • Command Section [Mandatory]: Rhino [22 AP]
  • 1st Section [Mandatory]: Heavy Ranger Tank Hunter Squad [35 AP]
  • 2nd Section: Heavy Ranger Assault Squad [28 AP]
  • 3rd Section: Combat Ranger Squad w/upgrade to 2nd Bazooka [20 AP]
  • Support Unit 1: M2-C "Ponder" Medium Walker [40 AP]
Total: 145 AP

Pinned down by Suppression

The Scenario

We decided to use the Battle Builder to make our scenario and we rolled off and I rolled lowest and had to allocate one of my Scenario Points first.  I placed my first choice in Objective, which brought us to the "Eliminate the Enemy" objective.  john then placed his 1st point in Conditions, which took us to "None".  I placed my 2nd point into Deployment for the"Force Collision" deployment option.  John supprised me and placed his last point into Conditions again, this made it "Off-Target Shelling".  So the final scenario was:
  • Objective: Eliminate the Enemy [1 Superiority Point per unit eliminated]
  • Deployment: Force Collision [24" quarter circle deployment on opposite table corners]
  • Battlefield Conditions: Off Target Shelling [Units do not remove suppression markers in the End Phase]
Terrain was placed and we used "Competitive Terrain Placement" rules and deployed per the rules.  The game clock was set to 5 turns and the game was afoot! 

Only a matter of time!
I will not go into the blow by blow of the game.  At the end of Turn 5, John had lost his 2 "Hans" and one unit of Heavy Flack Grenadiers.  I had lost Rhino and the Heavy Ranger Assault Squad he was attached too, my Combat Ranger Squad and my Heavy Ranger Tank Hunter Squad [with only one man left] was retreating off the battlefield.  So the game was a tie [we didn't bother to figure out the tie breaker].  John was declared the winner, as all I had left was my Pounder on the table.

All in all, the game played very smooth and we really enjoyed ourselves.  We can not wait to play again in a larger capacity.  The game would have been much harder for me had I not had cover on 2 of my units for most of the game and had John's Sniper failed to hit several times [even having to roll 'blanks' to hit].  Also, had Rhino been a solo Hero, it would have given John one more point and given him the win.

I have to say the rule that surprised me the most was the Cover rule.  Back in playtest Cover worked as it does in Tactics [Roll one die per wound, soft cover eliminates one per hit, hard cover eliminates one per blank] and I thought the new rule was going to suck, but the one auto wound remover for the unit in soft cover and 2 in hard really made it hard to take some troops out!

I cannot wait to give this game another go!  

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dust Warfare: A Review

This is the description directly from the Fantasy Flight Games website:

"Another Earth. A different 1947. The Second World War has raged for nearly a decade and its grip has spread to every continent on the planet. Entire nations have been stamped out, whole peoples subjugated, and great cities beaten flat by the titanic conflicts unleashed across the globe. Three monolithic power blocs have emerged from the threats, machinations, diplomacy, and outright conquests perpetrated by the major nations’ strife. For some, that victory means conquest, glory, and world domination; for others, freedom – but few now talk of simple peace. This is the world of Dust."

 Light Assault Walker ''Honey''
Dust Warfare is a full on miniature wargame, set in the world of Paolo Parente's world of Dust.  Designed by Andy Chambers and Mack Martin, this alternate World War II game adds in a touch of the science fiction element.  With various sized walkers that replace traditional tanks, Laser Grenadiers, Zombies and phaser weapons, this game steps froward from the Dust Tactics board game in so many ways!  

Going Off the Grid

 “Ryu” schwer Panzer KampfLaĆ¼fer III-A (j)
While some were never upset with the idea of it being a miniatures board game, I know many who were waiting for this version of the game, as they didn't have the satisfaction brought about from the hobby elements of a true wargame.  The cards used in games of Tactics are not used in Warfare.  Instead, each unit has an entry in the book that has all its relevant information at your finger tips.  The stats are also slightly different for some weapons, but that is out of a need to make them more playable in this new system.  The addition of ranges to the weapons and movement for units enhances the game play in many ways.  It allows for more tactical play and also allows for creative and stunning terrain elements to be added to your table.  The terrain rules are quite unique in the fact that one piece of terrain may cause issues for a walker, but still be cause a troop to have no restrictions at all and vice-versa.  It also means that scenarios can be flexible and story driven without sacrificing fun or smooth game play.  These new rules were designed with organized play in mind as well.  The tournament and campaign systems are set up to help organizers and players make each event a unique and rewarding series of games for the players involved.  The Battle Builder for tournament play is a great addition to the system and something that as a playtester for Dust, I did not get to see until the rules came out.  It is an awesome way for you to be able to look at your opponents list and them bid Scenario points towards the upcoming game to try and give themselves some advantage in terrain, objectives, or battlefield conditions.  Each player has a limited amount of Scenario Points [2] to spend on these and a roll of 5 dice determines who has to start allocating their points first.  These will be used in tournaments and can be used for pick up games as well.

Changes To the Tactics Rules

Axis Zombies
Dust Warfare uses the same core mechanics for "hitting" and "damage", as well as actions, but that is about where they similarities end.  Cover, saves, and reaction all work very different in this game.  It is all a smooth transition and after a game or 2 you will not notice the changes that much [to be honest, I like these rules much better].  The rules are simple and easier to use and make the play move faster than in Tactics.  Reaction, for example, you do not have to roll to try and react, you just get a reaction marker that removes an action from the unit.  So, you can not react if you have already received a reaction marker this turn.   They have also added rules for Suppression, this can affect your units actions as well as being a way of keeping track of if a unit is in retreat or not.

Army Points [AP]

Fury of Ivan
Each unit is worth a set number of AP and players agree upon a number of AP to play before selection their forces.  The game has three different point ranges; Small [200 AP or less], Medium, also called a Tournament Engagement [between 201-400 AP] and Large [401 AP or more].  Players must choose at least one platoon, but may opt to add an additional platoon structure for each 150 AP [or part there of].  So in a 200 point game a player may opt to make one platoon or can have 2, keeping in mind that each platoon mush have at least a Command section and a mandatory 1st Section choice for each one.  Each platoon may also take up to 1 Hero for each 150 AP [or part there of] allowed.  Some Heroes also have a Special ability called Leadership that allows them to be the Command Section of your platoon.  If you use them in this manner, they count as the Command Section, but also count toward the number of Heroes you can take. 

Wrap Up

The dynamic way you build a force and the scenarios you can play with these rules make the system and exciting and fresh new game.  I for one can not wait to face an opponent with an all Zombie and Axis Ape army just to see what they can do!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dust Warfare Prototype...

Paolo Parente talked about this new toy on the Dust Tactics Fans Facebook site.  

"We talked about an Axis Heavy Artillery Walker a few weeks ago...Here is the painted prototype model, soon to be released in the D48 model-kit and Deluxe version... l really, really like it... :-)"

Streets of Bedlam Cover Art leaked...

Monday, April 16, 2012

Dust Warfare Arrives!!!

So, Dust Warfare comes out this week and I thought I would share a few things I know about the system.  I was on the playtest team and got to see the action early on.
 It looks like there have been some changes to the game since then, but this is a series of links to the sneak-peek pages released so far by Fantasy Flight Games.

But first a Video over view of the game!

A look at Platoon Lists:


The Command Phase:

Unit Phase:

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Roleplay DNA Podcast Episode Zero!

I would like to welcome you all to the first episode [Episode Zero] of the new Roleplaying podcast called "RoleplayDNA: Mapping the Genome of Gaminng!"

Please listen and feel free to comment!