Friday, September 30, 2011

Going off the Grid!

Another artillery shell exploded on the hillside where Sergeant Rick Mayweather and his Death Dealers had bunkered in with a couple of Special Ops Rangers. Axis forces had them surrounded, but anytime the Axis soldiers started forward, one of the Special Ops Rangers picked him off. The snipers didn’t talk much, but they were crack shots. The artillery fire subsided as the sun began to set. Then Sgt. Mayweather started as he heard a thunderous sound that sent a chill down his spine. One of the Special Ops Rangers had already spotted the source through his binoculars and handed them to the Sergeant. Mayweather looked and cursed. The Axis forces had a combat walker, a Luther…
Planned even before the release Dust Tactics and made possible by its success, Dust Warfare is a tabletop miniatures game designed by veteran game designer Andy Chambers in which players take command of elite soldiers, awesome combat walkers, and inspiring heroes on the battlefronts of a World War II infused with alien technology.

Currently in a beta version, Dust Warfare premiered at Gen Con Indy 2011! 

Dust Warfare allows players of Dust Tactics to experience alternate-reality World War II combat in an all-new way. The Dust Warfare rulebook incorporates and builds upon the rules of Dust Tactics to introduce some of the most dynamic and engaging miniatures game design available. Integrating strategic combat with the stunning miniatures from the fast and furious Dust Tactics board game, the Dust Warfare miniatures system uses–and will continue to use–all the stunning Dust Tactics miniatures.

The world of Dust
The year is 1947, and World War II rages on, fueled by the discovery of alien technology. In the alternate 1940s reality of Dust Warfare, Allied and Axis forces wage fierce battles for control of the rare ore, VK, needed to power new weapons and fearsome combat walkers.

Founded in 1938 after the discovery of an alien vessel in Queen Maud Land, Antarctica, the Blutkreuz Korps features a host of the greatest minds among the Axis. Their scientific experimentation led to the development of the first combat walkers as well as laser weapons, the powerful Wiederbeleben Serum, and other military developments.

The Allied powers moved quickly to counter the new technology the Axis introduced to the battlefronts. The British SOE and American OSS agencies combined and were joined by spies from other Allied nations to form the top secret Allied Special Operations Command (ASOCOM). ASOCOM managed to steal weapons designs from Axis forces and developed combat walkers for the Allies.

Now ASOCOM and the Blutkreuz Korps continue to supply their armies with the newest advances while the war hinges not only on the strength and skill of their troops and commanders, but also on the tools of war they can wield!

A new alternative for your alternate 1940s reality
 If you’re already a fan of Dust Tactics, you’ll recognize the fast and furious combat of Dust Warfare, the strategic challenges you must consider to win gripping scenarios, and all the fantastic miniatures. On the other hand, if this is your first experience with Dust miniatures, you’re in for a treat.

Designed to be as engaging and interactive as possible, Dust Warfare provides players with unique command options and keeps you involved during your opponent’s turn as innovative game mechanics allow your troops, walkers, and heroes to react to incoming threats. As you push toward victory, you need also to consider your army’s morale. Soldiers harried by constant fire may feel forced to retreat.

Command an army greater than the sum of its parts
As players wage an escalating battle, each turn divides neatly into two phases, the Command Phase and the Unit Phase. The Command Phase presents generals with the chance to exert their influence on the battlefront. As the commander, you may arrange special deployment of your troops, bolster your troops’ morale, or take advantage of other options. Players gain command points each turn and can spend them as they get them for immediate benefits or save them to aim for massive, dramatic effects in the later stages of the game.

During the Unit Phase, each player activates all available units, but no player should ever get stuck waiting for his turn. Reaction rules allow players to spend activations from their next turn to react to enemy fire or movement. Keen commanders will make good use of their react options, while others may employ feint tactics to draw away enemy fire and leave units vulnerable for later strikes.

As the battle grows toward a white-hot intensity and troops begin to fall, each commander needs to pay attention to his army’s morale. The constant barrage of enemy fire can suppress units or even force them to retreat! The good general realizes that as it distracts his enemy, a suppressed unit can pose a hindrance to his foe. Rules for suppression fire and morale give commanders new options, and the game provides incentive for damaging units, even if you can’t destroy them. Sometimes, just pinning them down creates a golden chance to pursue your strategy.

Adapt to a new environment

The elite soldiers and revolutionary weapons of Dust Tactics need to adapt quickly to their environment in Dust Warfare. Your forces will want to take advantage of terrain as they target their shots. Take control of hill tops and reduce your opponents to rubble as they approach. Blast through walls to expose your enemy’s troops. Dust Warfare provides new rules for line of sight, interacting with terrain, and reactive fire.

Dust Warfare incorporates all Dust Tactics miniatures released to-date. Players find tremendous flexibility in army design. Army builds allow for customized weapon load-outs and adaptable squad sizes.

Draw upon the wealth of units already available for Dust Tactics as you construct armies from squads, walkers and heroes, the main characters of the Dust universe. These famous warriors and legendary fighters lead your troops on the battlefield. When you design your army, you’ll want to review your heroes carefully. Their special gear and rules give their commanders tremendous tactical flexibility, and they can be nearly as tough to kill as an entire squad!

Future miniatures will simultaneously enrich gameplay for both Dust Tactics and Dust Warfare.  I am playtesting this awesome game and am really pleased at the way it is shaping up.  I wish I could say more, but that would require everyone in the world to sign an NDA.  I will post more as I am able too.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fantasy Flight Games loss...

... is Vigil Games gain!

Ross holding one of his creations!
Ross Watson [lead developer and line editor for the 40k RPGs] has left FFG as of the end of August.  He has moved on, not for any bad reason, but as one of the team working on the Dark Millennium Warhammer 40K Massive Multi-player Online game.

Information about FFG can be found at their website HERE.

Information about DM 40K MMO and Vigil games may be found HERE!