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DARK AGE: Apocalypes

 'Dark Age' Version 2

From and Dark Age Games

A miniatures game based on the fantasy artwork of Brom, called Dark Age Apocalypse is being presented in a new edition by the combined team of Dark Age Games and  ICv2 caught up with Kevin Clark of for the details: “All of the original concepts, the whole setting, everything was his (Brom's) sort of world, his vision.  And that’s what we spawned the game out of. Since then we’ve had other people come in and start adding to it, but that was sort of our beginnings.”

Brom has been a popular fantasy artist for some years.  His style is characterized by dark, edgy themes and gothic fantasy imagery.  A collectible card game based on his art was briefly published, and the backstory from that game became the foundation for the miniatures system.

The theme of the game is a post-apocalyptic alien world, in which humans and alien races compete to establish colonies.  The current version will be the second edition of the game.

Dark Age Apocalypse is currently available in two hard cover books.  The first book, Core Rules has a suggested retail price of $20.  The second book includes rules for the different forces in the game, with a retail price of $40.  Both books are new for this edition, and feature hard covers and full-color interiors.

The new edition is being supported with a series of five starter boxes, designed to simplify entry into the game for new players.  Clark explains: “We recreated our entry point for the product. It’s easier to get into now.  Now you don’t have to pick individual things—we sort of bundled up a basic ‘this is where you should start’ idea.”

The starter sets will run between $40 and $60 retail, depending on faction. Individual models are also available, running from $8 to $30 in price.  All models come unpainted and unassembled.  Large models are molded in resin, while smaller models are metal.

Additional models will be produced throughout the rest of the year, and plans are in the works for additional expansion material to release in 2012.

Dark Age Games will be handling the product development and will be handling the production and manufacturing of the game.

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