Friday, May 20, 2011


To say GW is a little out of touch with thier players is...  well...  I guess like saying the desert is a little dry!

Here is a link to GWs investor policies...

I love where the person asks:
I am a relatively new investor to the GW hobby. Obviously, it does quite
well. I am wondering about the pricing though. I have been to the GW stores, and the pricing seems quite high. Are there plans to raise or lower these prices in the future? 

And they respond with:
 What we are selling is a hobby – not toys and not a pass-time.  Committed gamers and collectors and modellers know they get wonderful value for money from Games Workshop products.  Far better value, I suggest, than from similar amounts of money spent on meals out, sports events, boozy nights in the pub.  Go to the cinema and you can have an hour and a half of fun.  Buy Warhammer and you can enjoy it for the rest of your life! Tom

Wait what?

 I am just looking for affordable toys.  Not a freekin lifestyle!  Well, GW, I am done.  I am now selling off all my GW stuff and showing you where your ideas about pricing and hobby can go!

Ok, Rant off.  Please see my Bartertown account to get some great trades on GW stuff!  >:(

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