Friday, May 6, 2011

MERCS Skirmish game

MERCS, is a Science Fiction miniature Skirmish game designed and produced by MERCS Miniatures LLC.  You can take a look at their website here.  I am going to do this review in phases, as I am learning the rules and playing around with the figures.  I really feel any game company that is new and coming up in the world deserves a fair shake and at lease a cursory once over.  My general impression of the company from a consumers point of view is that they really want to be in touch with their players.  They are fast to answer emails and post up responses on their forums.  They have done interviews on a few blogs [maybe I can get one of those?] and even on Beasts of War.

What is MERCS?

MERCS [Military Economic Reconnaissance Counter Security] is a 28mm heroic scale skirmish game.  The system has some really innovative and interesting rules and mechanics.  MERCS was nominated for the Origins Award for Best Science Fiction game/miniatures.  I will get to the rules later, first lets look over the rulebook.

MERCS Rulebook
The MERCS rulebook is a hardcoveSmythe sewn book.  The paper is high quality and very thick and would almost require a hack saw to cut them.  It is a full color book with really great art and a lot of photos of the miniatures.  The fluff and stories in the book are extremely well done and very entertaining.  They have 4 factions in the book all of which are fully supported by the miniatures line and all seem very well balanced and have a unique flavor compared to each other.  At only $35 retail this book is WELL worth the cost and great for the fluff alone!

CCC Yellow Jackets Assault Leader
The system is unique in many ways.  While other games have used cards for the individual models [Warmachine, Anima Tactics], but none [other than the old Wizkids game Pirates of the Spanish Main] have used these cards for movement.  Each character when activated has a number of MP [Movement points] each of which is one card length.  Most weapons [unless they are template weapons] have an unlimited range, which does not concern me as the standard play area is 2'x3' or 3'x3'.  

One of the most unique aspects of the system is your force creation.  Once you chose what Faction you want to play, you pick 5 figures from that force with only a few restrictions.  The main restriction is that you can only choose one of each "type".  So you can not have more than one Sniper or one Heavy Assault.  Right now, there are only 5 figures in each faction, but there are a few Limited Edition sculpts and the second book [which is in play test] will expand the factions and add a few more [two that we know of for sure].  In my next review, I will be looking at the system itself and showing off the figures in a little more detail.


  1. Gobbo. I hate you. Stop reviewing cool looking games! And don't you dare tell me they are having some sort of Introductory Sale or something or I swear...I will never look at your Blog again!

    These guys look sweet! And the Movement based on card length is kinda cool. Looking forward to hearing more!

    You still suck though.. :)

  2. Well, Hex. All I can say is that it is a cheap game and fast to play. I will do a more detailed game play review once I have the miniatures in hand.

  3. Looks nice, it is the same company that puts out Infinity? The miniatures look similar.