Monday, May 16, 2011

GW announces Finecast

From the GW site:

Games Workshop's quest to create the best quality miniatures in the world is about to take a huge step forward...

On 28th May we are launching Citadel Finecast miniatures to the world.

Don't miss the full announcement on on the 23rd May to find out more.

Be sure to be at your local Hobby Centre to experience this unique, once-in-a-lifetime launch day! This will be your first chance to see, touch and buy Citadel Finecast miniatures.

In the meantime, there's only one question you need to ask yourself:

"What will my first Citadel Finecast miniature be?"

Ah ha, so that's what they've been up to in the Studio. I had wondered why, when I walked in there, people kept hiding models under their desk. From what I've seen of the new miniatures (I accidentally picked one of them up without realising what it was) they look absolutely stunning. So stay tuned, because next Monday you'll all get to find out a whole lot more about them.

So No answer as to what the minis will be, but there is a rumor that all metal figures will have a jump of 0% to 28% depending on the figure.  WTF GW?  Good thing I stopped playing your games already!


  1. I just don't even know what to say about the recent choices GW has made. I'll reserve my judgement til I see the Line when it comes out but if they jump prices up on Average even 15% on the old Metal thank you GW.

  2. There are certain GW minis I still want, but the prices still scare me away. I imagine that the "finecast" minis will be even more expensive. :( too bad. I don't play their main games anymore, but I still have my skaven and eldar armies in the event that I do. Otherwise my gaming goes to Privateer Press and my paint-for-pleasure's sake minis are quite a wide array of companies, but most are cheaper still than GW.

  3. OK, so I know that GW does a price increase almost every June, and I know that they have recently changed the "can't sell out side you region" rules, but it turns out that the price increase really does have NOTHING to do with the Finecast line. But GW, why are you taking all metals out of stores and then only giving us some of them back in the first of a wave of finecast figures?

  4. I've a friend who picked up some of the finecast minis (hey, its his money) and he called me about 30 minutes after he got home and started cleaning his new "finecast" minis. Whatever the hell they're made out of, its apparently designed to break at the first touch of an exacto knife....(his words, not mine). He did say that they *do* have a lot of crisp, nice detail, but said the {insert extra long swear word here} minis are made out of extra brittle{insert again - rymes with hit or split}. He took them back to our FLGS and they would only let him exchange them for another equal dollar value item, so he picked up a couple Helldorado minis. Go figure. I don't know how prevelant this problem is and as much as I dislike GW's business policies, I hope they get the brittle problem fixed so that folks who want these minis can get them and not have them break at the first sign of a hobby knife or file.