Monday, April 4, 2011

Portable Warfare Sergeant

I have recently received a new army transport bag from a newer company called Portable Warfare.  The Sergeant is their first offering into the transport market.  I specifically purchased this bag for my blog in order to review the product and see how it stacks up to some of the other bags on the market.  I have [or used to own] several different products.  I have had GX cases, Army Transport from Sabol Designs,  bags from the now defunct Charon Designs,  as well as a couple of Battle Foam bags.

Lets go over the features this bag has and I will make comparisons as we go.

The bag is a soft side case [like Army Transport], but has a MUCH sturdier feel to the material.  The outer shell is canvas [like Battle Foam], but with out any hard inserts.  It feel stronger than the plastic feeling of the Sabol Designs bags [I have had 3 Sabol bags tear or the zippers rip out] and is padded enough to withstand normal abuse [don't let the monkeys at the air port check this one!].  It came by US postal service and the shipping cost is the same anywhere in the US [prices over seas may vary].  

The Bag is very handsome and with tight stitching that does not look or feel cheap.  It is double stitched and seems like it will last, even with some minor abuse.  The shoulder strap is solid and comes off at the clips.  Note also that there is a matching clip at the bottom of the bag so you can clip more than one bag together to increase your transport options.  The pockets on the bag are well designed and useful, unlike some bags I have had the the pockets don't seem to make sense as to location or use.  

The bag opens at the top as well as down one side for easy access.  This has become very common in the last few years with most company's designs.  The foam set I purchased is their Build Out #2 [1x3", 1x2", 1x1.5", 3x1"] as I plan to use this for my 3 Infinity armies.  The other option is Build Out #1 [1x3", 2x2", 2x1.5"].  Both build outs are viable as well as ordering the bag itself [only $37.95 for just the bag].  

Now on to the thing that makes this bag different than any I have owned in the past.  The Blü Foam.  This foam has a higher density than the rest of the trays and does not bend very easy.  It is still soft and I do not think that it will cause damage to any of your figures or paint.  It does not bend as easy as any other tray I have ever owned.  It is pliable and yet it is soft. 

Overall, I am really impressed with this bag.  The trays are great and the companies customer service has been top notch.  I am very impressed with the foam and love that if you already have a Army Transport from Sabol, these trays will fit right in.  It has enough space to hold up to 10" of foam [that is 10" not including the 1/4" for the bottom of each tray] .  

I am giving this product a solid 9 out of 10 and will abuse mine a bit more and will come back to revisit it once I have done so.

The same company has a series of Resin bases called War Cast Studios and they sent along a sample pack that I will be looking at in a later posting.  Also keep an eye on their site as the owner has leaked to me this quote:

"I am coming out with a new storage product next month which will be a low cost solution for folks that don't want to spend the money on a bag and foam, but still would like something to store their miniatures in."

The Gobbo


  1. Thanks for the review Gobbo! I am also looking at Portable Warfare for my Infinity Army, once I have all my Figures I will see what sort of Foam I need for it and place my Order.

  2. Hex, I got the Build out 2 as it will hold 72 Troop sized figures, plus all the remotes, TAGs and extras. I always used to say that I hated pluck-n-pull foam, but it really does have a lot of advantages.

  3. Thanks for the review! What are the dimensions of the pockets? Most importantly, can I fit my three Infinity books (when the third comes out in November) in the large pocket? Thanks!

  4. Nice review. I'm curious, do you mean that the bottom (blue) portion of the tray doesn't bend very easily and/or that the grey portion is of a higher density and doesn't bend as easily as, say, Sabol Designs foam. I've got a love-hate relationship with pluck foam trays, but I am curious.

  5. @Jay 2 of the 3 infinity books will fit in the front pocket.

    @Mugu The Blu foam at the bottom is stiffer than most other trays I have ever purchased. The Grey foam is about the same consistency as the foam from GW cases or Sabol.