Monday, March 28, 2011

And the Winner is!

My first contest has been a success!  A HUGE thank you to Ron Blessing of the podcast "The Games the Thing" and to Eloy Lasanta [creator of Wu Xing: The Ninja Crusade] for taking time from their Busy schedules to help in the judging of this contest.

We had 15 entries in the Haiku contest and a winner has been found.  so with out further ado the winner is:

Outlawed by their land
The servant hunts its master
Seeking blood for peace

This entry is brought to us by Ryan Donnelly.  I have sent him notification and will email him his code for a free e-copy of Wu Xing, provided to us by Third Eye Games!  Congratulations Ryan!

All other entries are listed below.  Some really Great ones in here folks!  Thanks for entering!

Silent but deadly
With gastronomic distress
They kill with their wind

Gobbo got me hooked
Infinity Rocks my socks
Yu Jing Ninja Rule!
Destruction and death
The emperor called for blood
Ninja now lotus
Ninja now outlaws
Lotus Coalition formed
Together they stand
Old feuds set aside
Ninja unite to survive
Forced to stand as one
Ninja maintain peace
Their nation turns upon them
Peace only through blood
Want to be ninja?
Wu Xing, Kick Ass R.P.G.
Get your Ninja on!
Shadows dance on walls
Cherry Blossoms on the Wind
Silence brings the end.
Running in the Night
Shadows Cloak all our Numbers
Fear the Ninja’s Wrath!
Shadow on the roof
Poison line at the ready
The assassin kills"
Assassins in black
Prowl by night to their target
Death by shuriken
The silent shadow
Unseen on this winter night
Seeks his prey, the rice
Springtime flower blooms
Ninja strikes! Slicing green shaft
For geisha girlfriend
Like a Silent Wind
The Ninja moves from tree to tree
Death falls like cold rain


  1. Great entries from everyone! Always glad to see excitement over RPGs!