Monday, February 21, 2011

Freeblades of Faelon

This last weekend was Genghis Con here in Denver and I was in attendance from Thursday through Sunday [as usual].  My friend Marc came to me and told me he had played in a demo just that after noon of a really interesting Fantasy Skirmish game called "Freeblades" [which I had never heard of] from a company calling itself "DGS" [nor had I heard of them].  I went over to the lobby area of the convention hall and found a group of distinguished gentlemen who were all wearing shirts with the DGS logo on it and told them [as I was getting ready for another game starting in 20 minutes] that I did not have time to try the game just then, but could the give me their "pitch"?

One of the gents gladly pulled me aside and showed me a map.

"This," he said, "is Faelon, it is the world setting for all three of the games we are developing."  My first thought was, THREE?  What, one game isn't good enough?

He then went on to explain that DGS was working on a skirmish level miniatures game [Freeblades], a mass battle game [Blademaster] and a roleplaying game [Bright Sword] all set in the same world, which would be completely cross compatible.  If you had a party of characters who end up in a massive battle, just port them over and use the mass combat rules. "There are 14 Factions in playtest in all 3 systems right now."  14?  Holy...  Well, they couldn't all be cool ideas could they?  French style Knights with magic, Roman style troops riding Velociraptor, Corrupted Mongolian style horsemen, Desert Necromancers, Lizardmen Pirates!  Does this list ever end?

The systems are almost identical between sets and use a wide range of dice [some of which I had never seen before!], ranging from d4 to d30 [with d14, d16 and d24's being the ones I didn't know existed!]  It sounded good, so the next evening [after I had already bought a few of the figures, which look awesome by the way] I sat down to try out the game.

The table was a set of caverns in which there were placed 6 tokens that were representing treasures [these could be just gold, or they could be a special item of protection or a magic sword].  The goal was to get the most treasures off the board, before your enemy.  Each side had 3 players and 8 figures on the table.  One leader and a couple minor heroes, along with a few fodder figures [come on...  it was funny!].  In the end, it was a great time and we all had fun.  My team won thanks to a shot from our archer, who had a d10 in his RAR [Ranged Attack Rating], who needed a 10 to hit, rolling a total of 24 [dice spike, or re-roll and add on a max roll for the die type], taking out their Leader with an amazing shot, that in all likely hood should have hit one of our own whom were in base contact with the victim!  

All in all the system is fast and fun and once it is finished in playtest, 4 of the factions will be released in the Skirmish game.

For more info and to find out more about the great systems and sign up to playtest go to their web site at


  1. You had me at Lizardman Pirates! Those figures look pretty nice..not sure about the unique dice though. Don't think there's much need for that but hey..ya never know. It sounds very WarMachine-esque with the one World serving to encompass Multiple game lines but the formula is proven so why mess with it right? Nice looking map also..has some nice size to it.

    I shall follow it with interest!

  2. Hi, I came across your blog and thought I'd let you know that we've got new and growing Freeblades here in Denver now. If you're interested in playing with us, look us up in the Colorado Freeblades forum at the DGS website.

    -Black Rose