Thursday, February 10, 2011


Just yesterday I listened to a podcast called "The Games The Thing" [Great Podcast! but not what I am here to talk about today]. They had a gentleman on by the name of Eloy Lasanta, who is the owner/Lead designer for the company Third Eye Games. I had never heard of them so I did a little research and looked at their products and games.

 Their First offering is a game called "Apocalypse Prevention, INC."  The company describes the game as follows: 
Monsters and demons have existed on Earth since its inception, terrorizing humanity throughout history. But some of them decided to fight back, creating a company of like-minded beings (even other demons) to defend the Earth from supernatural threats. Today, the shadow company has it’s hands in every facet of life all around the globe, using this grasp to police supernatural activity. Demon races that live on Earth (i.e. the aquatic Lochs, shape-shifting Changelings, or even the pyrotechnic Burners) have joined the company as well, ensuring their safety as well as humanity’s.
Each agent arms themselves in a different way. Some become adepts, practitioners of magic who can learn from 18 unique and highly customizable Paths of Magic. Some enhance their body with Cybernetic implants, chipping away a small portion of their humanity for the greater good. Some train heavily in Combat Training, learning to protect themselves without reliance on experimental technology or the very magic they seek to stop. Others meet somewhere in the middle. With almost limitless combinations of powers and abilities, they can dabble in many things and become well-rounded agents.
API has been described by others as what you’d get if Joss Whedon and Mike Mignola wrote Men in Black.  I will not go into the system as I don't know it near as well as I want to and once I have a chance to get a game or 3 under my belt, I will write a more formal review.  

For 3EG's second offering they have given us "Wu Xing: The Ninja Crusade".  A book that their site describes as:

The Emperor has called for blood! All ninja of the Izou Empire face the crushing might of their own nation. Where once there was peace, now there is only destruction and death. The ninja are forced to fight back, wielding the ancient art of chi manipulation alongside their shuriken and katana. Empire soldiers pack their own secret weapons to combat ninja wushu... powerful firearms. 
The ninja of the realm have assembled into their own army, the Lotus Coalition. Together, they hope to take down the Empire and stop the reign of destruction upon the people of the land. That is if they can overcome centuries old feuds and rivalries that could destroy them from within! 

This game has been tauted as a cross between Naruto and Avatar: The Last Airbender, with a little Basilisk thrown in for good measure. This is the game they reviewed on the podcast and it sounded so fun, I had to get a copy.  This game encourages players to work together or die at the hands of the Empire alone.

The new game they mentioned that will be out later this year [???], is a game called "Part-Time Gods" is a rules light version of the DGS [Dynamic Game System].  It looks to be inspired by the novel "American Gods" by Neil Gaiman [of The Sandman and Stardust fame].  Sounds like a blast!  Can not wait to see this one.

Well, that about wraps up what I have researched about Third Eye Games and what they make.  More info once the books arrive and I can read more in depth!

Now, let me know if you pick these up and what you think of the system.  For the month of February only, if you buy the print version of Wu Xing on, you get the PDF for free!  More info at this link:


  1. Hmm these sound sort of interesting as a way to blow out an evening with general mayhem. I look forward to your more extensive reviews of these games!

  2. If you buy the Printed book at Drive Thru RPG you can get the PDF for free.