Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Super Dungeon Explore Updates!

John Cadice [Creative Director - Owner] of Soda Pop Miniatures writes and says:

We have kicked off something we call the 12 days of Super Dungeon Explore - we are revealing new characters every day and culminating with the reveal of our Demo game.
Miniatures will be available this month in our real scale - and in enough variety to play the entire demo experience... and remember, this is just a taste.

Super Dungeon Explore details:
Launching in 2011 - Soda Pop Miniatures is launching our hybrid miniatures board game.  A fully expandable dungeon romping experience where players duel as either a band of brave heroes, or as the master of a sprawling dungeon and all of its minions.  Our  miniatures are unique in the hobby industry, as we break the mold and create the first authentic Chibi/Super Deformed fantasy miniatures range.  Putting thousands of hours in front of our game consoles back onto the table top to enjoy!

Experience the demo rules December 12th, download it from - miniatures sold individually and in battle packs.  So get out your tools, scrap together yourself a dungeon board, and get ready for fun! 

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