Monday, December 27, 2010

RPG Madness!

Well, I am delving into the scary position known as the Game Operations Director again [G.O.D.] and am going to be running a [hopefully] long term campaign again.  The game I have chosen is one I have run before as a play tester.  It is called Sundered Skies and is for the Savage Worlds System.

Sundered Skies is a dark fantasy set thousands of years after a cataclysm destroyed a world. Countless islands orbit one another in a fathomless void which glows with a constant madness inducing light.
Players will be scavengers, and adventurers travelling on skyships seeking their fortune. However, things are valued on their usefulness in resource poor Sundered Skies. A well made wooden chest is much more valuable than the gold it may hold. Forces of malevolence and madness conspire to destroy the skies. A small band of heroes find themselves standing directly between this terrible threat, and the destruction of all they know.

The world is not your typical Fantasy game and the direction the campaign takes depends a lot on the characters and their actions.  The wonderfully written game was done by Game writing veteran Dave Blewer whom I got to chat with and work closely with during the play test.  

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