Monday, November 29, 2010

Ultramarines Movie delayed!!!!

So, here is a quote from an email that came directly from Codex Pictures:

Unfortunately, due to a production issue outside of our control, we are not able to start shipping your order for the ULTRAMARINES DVD Collector's Set today, November 29th as planned. We are working around the clock with our third party suppliers to resolve the issue as soon as possible and hope to be able to give you details of a new ship date tomorrow.

We at Codex Pictures know you will be very disappointed not to receive your DVD as soon as anticipated and are equally distressed ourselves that this has happened.

Please accept our sincere apologies and rest assured we are doing everything we can to resolve the issue and get your order to you quickly.

Codex Pictures

REALLY?  Wow, that is the suck!  I understand delay issues, I really do, but come on!  How many people have just had their heart stomped out!

I will post again tomorrow once we have a new ship date.

The Gobbo


  1. That is disappointing... hopefully they get things straightened out quickly.

  2. As someone who Pre-Ordered the day the Pre-Order went live. I have this to say about the Delay:

    /rude Codex Pictures

    That is all.

  3. Whereas I understand the multi-supplier nature of such a release, an apology is the least that the production company should make. That it comes in the evening on the very day when people were expecting their items to be delivered is not so good. Supply chain problems should have at least been known by the Friday previous (and I assume even earlier), which is when the statement and apology e-mails should have been made. But hey ho! What can one do? Nada! I do like the "we are working around the clock" line...