Monday, November 15, 2010

To INFINITY and beyond....

My friend Jay has been wanting to do some Skirmish level miniature gaming for a bit and asked me about a game I owned, but have never played.  Infinity I have owned the book for some time, but never had anyone to play with.  So, I made a couple trades to get a small force and we are reading the rules [which are now free online] and we are going to give this unique system a test drive.  I mean, a miniature system based on a d20 and where on your turn I get to make reactive actions to shoot back at you or dodge!  Heck yeah, this looks like a blast!

So, I have chosen the ALEPH as my faction.  Here is the "official" picture of the figures.  I will be posting up some shots of my WIP and keep you updated on the progress.


  1. Keep me posted, Brother! I've been looking at those models for awhile now.

  2. I have been looking at them for a LONG time and even had a Starter laying around that was still unopened. [hence why I am doing that faction]. That and the fact that the idea of an entirely Artificial Intelligence faction is cool.