Friday, November 12, 2010

Random miniature musings...

First and for most, GW has done something awesome!  They have made thier Imperial Armor Books avaialbe from thier website and direct order through your FLGS!

Secondly, GW has taken a HUGE poop on Blood Angels and Grey Knights...

The Imperial Transport Guppy IV?
Wow, really GW.  Could you give us a little more epic fail with this thing?  Seriously, I think it looks like the back half fell off.  Or maybe a Valkyrie crashed into the back end of a Land Raider?

Of everything GW has failed at, this is the thing they have failed at the worst.

Anyway, on to more positive news.  My game group has decided to start playing the Infinity Miniature Game from Corvus Belli.  It is a 28mm skirmish level game and has a great system that helps make it a scenario driven game.  You can get the full 2nd Edition Rules and the associated army lists off their website:

I will be starting a blog about my army and their painting and gaming progress once they arrive.

That is all for this update and keep an eye out for an announcement about a new podcast starting soon...

The Gobbo


  1. GW police are pounding on the door as I'm writing this...I wonder what they want....? My lawsuit radar is going off...Ruh-Roh.

  2. Don't be silly! The GW police can take away my models when they can pry them from my cold dead fingers!

  3. Heard a great new Nickname for this model the other day:

    The Chibi-hawk!