Thursday, August 12, 2010

Relic Knights and Super Deformed Dungeons!

Soda Pop Miniatures, you may have heard about them or my not have.  If not, I am here to give you a little info.

Soda Pop is known for its ├╝ber hot anime chicks figures.  They areRin some really amazing sculpts that capture the anime feel and each one comes with a “sidekick” character, usually a small furry animal or a giant robot.

Two big announcements were made at Gencon this year from Soda Pop.  The first is that they are putting out a rules set to be used with thier current line called “Relic Knights: Darkspace Calamity", set for release in 2011, this will be a skirmish level game and a great reason for collecting and playing with their crazy line of soda pop miniatures. 

John Cadice, Creative Director and Owner of Soda Pop said, “We want to bring anime mayhem to your tabletop, devastating combos, characters that leap through fireballs unscathed, duels that move around the tabletop like a pinball machine, spry and nimble anime vixens, giant robots, pirates, ninjas, aliens, and madness... pure madness.  Set in our unique and expanding universe, Relic Knights has been proving to be a remarkable and refreshing system in development.  More to come!”

SDE Post Card

The second announcement is the new game and miniatures line, “Super Dungeon Explore”.  This range of fantasy themed miniatures are the start of a large collection of Chibi/Super Deformed characters for  RPG and tabletop games.  They are devilishly cute and they completely sold out of the things before the convention was out, with people clamoring for more! 

Check out some of the great coverage (and highly unfortunate lighting in my interview) about Soda Pop’s products, the demo they ran, and what is in Store from the Beasts of War guys!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

News from Mantic Games!

A bit of interesting news!  I love these guys figures and the designer is none other than Alessio Cavatore.