Friday, July 16, 2010

Rocket Hammer - First thoughts...

So, I am reading the book and have been going over the FAQs and getting in a few games when I can, so here is the question...

Is the game worth playing? 
Yes, the game is a fantastic divergence from what it was, not in a bad way, but in a Faster, more fun way.  The system has added in a few elements from other game systems [like 40K and War of the Rings] that make the game faster and easier to learn.  This will mean a lot of old schoolers may leave, but some of use REALLY old schoolers may come back [like me!].

It looks like the game has moved in a direction that is attempting to move all the different armies from the "tier" classification to a more balanced set of armies.  [Yay!  GW finally got something balanced!]

I am not saying the new changes will be possessive for everyone.  Lord knows, I think Tomb Kings may have been gimped a little, but I don't play them, so....  *shrugs*


  1. I'm not going to comment on 'Balance' until I start to see the Army Books come out. Because with their Track Record of upsetting the apple cart with every new book they release is fairly well documented :)

  2. Yeah, I say everyone needs to stop talking about tiers for the different armies until about 6 months from now...

    No Comp until at least then.