Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tau/Space Wolves vs. Demons!

So my friend Elija was back in town for a week to visit and we grabbed our friend John for a quick game of 40k.  We did a few rounds of Kill Teams to get into the swing of the games and so Eli could get a feel for his ne Eldar kill team and see if it is an army he wishes to pursue.  The Eldar did well for him against my Tau, partially because I managed to take out 3 Drones and 2 Stealth suits in Dangerous Terrain Rolls.

So after a few other games we decided to play a 2k game with Eli on one side with Demons and John and I with a thousand points each of Tau and Space Wolves.  John’s army was 3 units in Drop pods and Mine was a mash of all the stuff I had built for my Tau by that point.

We rolled for scenario and ended up with “Seize Ground” with a “Dawn of War” deployment.  We ended up with 3 Objectives on the table.  Two were on the Demon side of the table and one was on our side.  So, since Demons and Drop pods don’t come in until their first turns and Eli got to decide we would go first, so my Tau started on the board in control of one objective.  Then John dropped his 1st two pods near the 2 objectives on Eli’s side of the board. 

We got a little lucky in the demon first turn, as one of his Flamers unit was lost to the warp and his Prince delayed coming on.  So, he was a little under strength at the start.  So everything else in his force kind of scattered about, but not terribly.  On our first turn, one of my Fire Warrior units succumbed to the Changeling’s Glamour and shot at my Shas’el in crisis suit, but to no avail.  MY crisis suit and a unit of  Stealth suits lit the changing's group up and caused them death and pain.  The game was tough from that point on and we managed to keep the game to a draw.  After my Uber-Drones [see my last update] managed to hold a unit of Deamonettes in melee for 3 turns! and we managed to contest all 3 objectives.  It was a brutal battle and my 1st against Demons.  NASTY!


The Gobbo

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  1. Sounds like a good time was had though you did get a few lucky breaks thanks to the Dice Gods :P