Monday, June 28, 2010

ROCKETHAMMER Fantasy Battles!

So I had the chance to play the new 8th edition rules this last weekend.  I must say I am very impressed.  The game plays much faster and is much deadlier than I remember from back in 6th edition when I last played.  A few of the changes I noticed:
  1. Chargers now charge their Movement stat, plus the sum of 2d6.
  2. Just because you charged, does not mean you get to go first. [unless your dirty high elves!]
  3. You are allowed to pre-measure everything! at any time!
  4. Terrain can be dangerous!
  5. It is not hard to get a unit swinging 30-50 attacks in one melee round.
  6. Units that have more ranks than their opponents roll unmodified Leadership tests if they lose combat.
  7. Scenarios are much more important than in the last edition.
  8. Magic is very nasty.  I had a spell go off with Irresistible Force and killed half his unit, and almost all of mine!
  9. Infantry is really important in the rules now.
  10.  Percentage based army building returns [I prefer this...]
The game I played was a 600 point game and was not much smaller than I remember from 6th edition, but then we used to play at 1000-1500 point games…
Overall I am very impressed with what I have gotten to see of the rules and do plan to get back into the game.  Don’t shun it until you have had a chance to try it.


  1. I have to say, as much as I can in no way afford to get into does look DAMN nice this time out! I like the idea of quick and easy games full of excitement.

  2. Yeah, I can tell you right now, that is what this new version delivers Hex! I am thrilled [like to the point I am considering getting rid of several other miniature games just to flesh out my Skaven].