Monday, June 14, 2010

Oh my... what have I done?!?!?!

So, what did I do this weekend?  Well, I started the re-location of my painting/hobby area from the office to the basement, i reactivated my City of Heroes account, I watched "The Blind Side" with my wife, I...

Wait, back that train up!  You WHAT?

I um...  I reactivated my City of Heroes account...?

Oh MY God!  What were you thinking?  You have not played an MMO [other than beta] in almost 2 years!  Why?  WHY?????

Well, there is a new expansion coming out and they have added a place where you can play in player created content and still get XP and stuff... and the fact you will be able to move from a villain to a hero or have a hero fall to the dark side is kind of cool....

Ok, so I have done it.  My primary hero on Infinity is "H is for Hero" and my main villain is "Mortus Rouge".  I do really love super heroes and since I gave up comic collecting when my whole collection was stolen, I need an outlet for it.

What is City of Heroes?  It is a Massive Multi-player Online game.  You make up a hero or villain and play in a world with thousands of others.  You get to create your costume and even get to pick your power sets and fight crime or spread fear and terror.

It is a great game and you should [if you like superheroes or online gaming] check it out and maybe I will see you  online.

The Gobbo


  1. Noooo don't go in to the light that is MMO's Gobbo!

    Actually I can't throw stones, I played them for years myself though I never tried CoH. I understand that they can and do provide a fun outlet. Just remember the Mantra "Moderation is Good!" and "Just one more Minute! I Promise!" is bad bad bad :P

  2. Oh, I understand that. I have played MMOs for years too, WOW, Dark Age of Camelot, Everquest...

    I have never been a hard core player, just mostly a when I cave time player... ;)