Monday, June 28, 2010

ROCKETHAMMER Fantasy Battles!

So I had the chance to play the new 8th edition rules this last weekend.  I must say I am very impressed.  The game plays much faster and is much deadlier than I remember from back in 6th edition when I last played.  A few of the changes I noticed:
  1. Chargers now charge their Movement stat, plus the sum of 2d6.
  2. Just because you charged, does not mean you get to go first. [unless your dirty high elves!]
  3. You are allowed to pre-measure everything! at any time!
  4. Terrain can be dangerous!
  5. It is not hard to get a unit swinging 30-50 attacks in one melee round.
  6. Units that have more ranks than their opponents roll unmodified Leadership tests if they lose combat.
  7. Scenarios are much more important than in the last edition.
  8. Magic is very nasty.  I had a spell go off with Irresistible Force and killed half his unit, and almost all of mine!
  9. Infantry is really important in the rules now.
  10.  Percentage based army building returns [I prefer this...]
The game I played was a 600 point game and was not much smaller than I remember from 6th edition, but then we used to play at 1000-1500 point games…
Overall I am very impressed with what I have gotten to see of the rules and do plan to get back into the game.  Don’t shun it until you have had a chance to try it.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Oh my... what have I done?!?!?!

So, what did I do this weekend?  Well, I started the re-location of my painting/hobby area from the office to the basement, i reactivated my City of Heroes account, I watched "The Blind Side" with my wife, I...

Wait, back that train up!  You WHAT?

I um...  I reactivated my City of Heroes account...?

Oh MY God!  What were you thinking?  You have not played an MMO [other than beta] in almost 2 years!  Why?  WHY?????

Well, there is a new expansion coming out and they have added a place where you can play in player created content and still get XP and stuff... and the fact you will be able to move from a villain to a hero or have a hero fall to the dark side is kind of cool....

Ok, so I have done it.  My primary hero on Infinity is "H is for Hero" and my main villain is "Mortus Rouge".  I do really love super heroes and since I gave up comic collecting when my whole collection was stolen, I need an outlet for it.

What is City of Heroes?  It is a Massive Multi-player Online game.  You make up a hero or villain and play in a world with thousands of others.  You get to create your costume and even get to pick your power sets and fight crime or spread fear and terror.

It is a great game and you should [if you like superheroes or online gaming] check it out and maybe I will see you  online.

The Gobbo

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tau/Space Wolves vs. Demons!

So my friend Elija was back in town for a week to visit and we grabbed our friend John for a quick game of 40k.  We did a few rounds of Kill Teams to get into the swing of the games and so Eli could get a feel for his ne Eldar kill team and see if it is an army he wishes to pursue.  The Eldar did well for him against my Tau, partially because I managed to take out 3 Drones and 2 Stealth suits in Dangerous Terrain Rolls.

So after a few other games we decided to play a 2k game with Eli on one side with Demons and John and I with a thousand points each of Tau and Space Wolves.  John’s army was 3 units in Drop pods and Mine was a mash of all the stuff I had built for my Tau by that point.

We rolled for scenario and ended up with “Seize Ground” with a “Dawn of War” deployment.  We ended up with 3 Objectives on the table.  Two were on the Demon side of the table and one was on our side.  So, since Demons and Drop pods don’t come in until their first turns and Eli got to decide we would go first, so my Tau started on the board in control of one objective.  Then John dropped his 1st two pods near the 2 objectives on Eli’s side of the board. 

We got a little lucky in the demon first turn, as one of his Flamers unit was lost to the warp and his Prince delayed coming on.  So, he was a little under strength at the start.  So everything else in his force kind of scattered about, but not terribly.  On our first turn, one of my Fire Warrior units succumbed to the Changeling’s Glamour and shot at my Shas’el in crisis suit, but to no avail.  MY crisis suit and a unit of  Stealth suits lit the changing's group up and caused them death and pain.  The game was tough from that point on and we managed to keep the game to a draw.  After my Uber-Drones [see my last update] managed to hold a unit of Deamonettes in melee for 3 turns! and we managed to contest all 3 objectives.  It was a brutal battle and my 1st against Demons.  NASTY!


The Gobbo