Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Characters… what their made of…

Characters are created by first choosing one of the 4 races that are allowed in the Core set [there will be others available to play with other supplements].  You choices are:

  • Reiklander [Human]
  • Grey Mountain Dwarf
  • High Elf
  • Wood Elf

There is in this game a distinct lack of halflings.  We are assured that this will change in the future. 

Your Race determines which starting career classes are available to you.  Humans are very versatile and have more careers to choose from as well as a few other minor advantages.  Dwarves are stout and hardy and make great warriors.  High Elf and Wood Elf are not too different, but they have access to slightly different classes.

Career classes can be done at random or by choice.  My preferred class method is to deal out 3 careers to each player, they then look to make sure their race can be the careers and any that they can not are replaced at random until they have 3 to choose from.  Once they have chosen their career, they then get a pool of points to buy Attributes [these all start at 2 or 3 depending on the race], Wealth, Skills, Actions, and Tactics.  All Races get 20 points except Humans who get 25, but they get no stat increases like the other races.

Once you are finished spending your points, your character will have a Character sheet, a Career card and the Career Special ability card, plus a number of Talent and Action cards.

Talent Cards fall into 3 categories and are special bonuses like getting adding 2 Misfortune dice to an opponent who is trying to Intimidate you.  These are added to the career sheet in slots for the specific types.  So if your career allows you to have one Tactic and one Reputation card, then you may slot one of each type.

Action cards are your special combat maneuvers that you can use during encounters.  Every character has access to the Basic action cards [Dodge, Melee Strike, Ranged Shot, Block, Assess the Situation, Parry, etc…] and then can buy additional at creation as well as with Advancements [XP].  Action cards have 2 sides a green side and a red side.  These correspond to the stance your character is currently in.  So if you are in an aggressive stance, you use the red side of the card and the green if you are in a conservative stance.  Each side of the card may have some differences, as some actions may favor an aggressive stance or conservative.

Next Post about WFRP will be an overview of the characters in my game and what has happened in the game so far.

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