Thursday, May 6, 2010

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3E

Last night we started the A Gathering Storm campaign for the new 3rd Edition of the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay.  The group consists of me [as the GM] and 5 friends from the FLGS.  First I will give an overview of the system and then over the next few days I will post about the characters, the campaign and where they seem to be heading.

The Stats and Dice

The new WFRP takes the system in a new direction.  Fantasy Flight Games has taken their expertise in amazing looking board games and applied it into an innovative new way.  When they first started showing sneak peaks of the components on their website, I was concerned that they had removed the role play and only left a roll play game.  After all, Decent is a wonderful game that they released and it is great for that ‘dungeon crawl’ fix with out the role play.  Boy was I wrong.

There are only 6 characteristics in the game now.  These are Strength, Toughness, Agility, Intelligence, Willpower and Fellowship.  These have a rating from 1-10 with 2 being human average.

The system removes polyhedral dice [sorry d20 fans!] and adds in a set of specialized dice that do not have numbers on them, but symbols.  These symbols are Hammers [successes], a hammer with a + next to it [righteous success], crossed swords [challenge], Imperial eagles [Boons], skulls [Banes], an hourglass [delay], a blood drop [exertion],  Chaos Stars, Sigmar’s Comet and blank sides. 

The dice have different colors and numbers of sides:

Blue [d8] – Characteristic dice.  You roll a number of these equal to your stat for the attempted action

Purple [d8] – Challenge dice.  You roll these based on the difficulty the GM sets for the attempted task.

Yellow [d6] – Expertise dice.  You get to add these to skill tests that you have trained in.

White [d6] – Fortune dice.  These are added to rolls by spending fortune points, Skill Specializations, the GM being nice and some Action and Talent cards.

Black [d6] – Misfortune dice.  These are added to rolls by the GM, some penalties such as Fatigue and some more difficult to accomplish actions cards.

Red [d10] and Green [d10] – Stance dice.  These are swapped out with some of your characteristic dice if you have moved into a Reckless or Conservative stance.

Example: Lanis the human Scholar is trying to decipher a set of Classical text that tells him how to disarm the trap his party is trying to get past.  Lanis has the Advanced Skill Education and is trained in it.  He also took the specialization of Linguistics.  Lanis has an Intelligence of 3 and the script is in bad light, faded and a battle is raging near by so time is of the essence.  Lanis gets 3 blue dice, but is 2 shifts into Conservative stance, so 2 blue dice are replaced by Green dice.  He has training in the skill so that gives him a yellow die, and an appropriate Specialization so he adds a white die.  The GM adds 3 purple dice to the dice to represent all the distractions and lighting.  Lanis does not like the looks of the total pool, so he spends a fortune point and as a second white die.  His total pool of dice is 1 Blue, 2 Green, 2 White, 1 Yellow, and 3 purple.

More about the system tomorrow… 


The Gobbo


  1. Honestly...I don't like it at all. It looks as though they tried to re-invent the wheel. I've played darn near everything there is to play in the way of RPGs in my many (28) years of Table Top Gaming. To me this looks like more trouble than it will be worth especially from the perspective of a New Player.

    In my experience as a GM it is much easier to say "Alright, you need to roll X Dice and the result needs to be higher/lower than Y #."

    The idea that the player needs to keep track of multiple-colored dice each with a different characteristic is a bit harder in my opinion than using the D20 Set or even the D100 model.

    I understand the need to make their game seem unique and possibly even memorable to the Players as the Gaming Public is very fickle these days but just over-complicating something that need not be complex at all.

    I look forward to hearing more however, and I don't want to pass judgment without having more information.

  2. Thanks for the Comment. I will be adding a post later today and going into the system and characters a little more. I was of the same belief as you and was not even going to pick it up, but the FLGS asked me to run the pre-release demo of it and after running a few times, I really have begun to love the system. I will try to keep my review as unbiased as I can.