Saturday, May 1, 2010

Recent Painting and Plans for the Month…

Hey all.  Been a bit of a slow blog run.  Sorry about that!  Real life gets in the way some days.


So, what have I painted recently…  that is a valid question and one that has more Work In Progress pics than anything else.  So, here are a few thing I completed in the last year [or so] and a few WIP Pictures as well:

A friend asked me to do a couple Eldar for him:

Warlock_Final Autarc_final


Then I did some work for me:

Totanum Totanum1


And finally a WIP:


More to come as I get them done…


The Gobbo

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  1. I like the ma_fig one alot Gobbo, I haven't had much chance to try skin tones on anything yet but those look great.