Monday, May 17, 2010

Orks Killed by Tau Drone… News at 11!

So this last Sautrday while others were getting their hardcore tournament gaming on, I decided to avoid that and play in a Small 12 person Kill Teams Tournament.  For those who done know, Kill Teams is from the Battle Missions book and has some fun changes to list building and play.  200 points, no HQ or Heavy, 0-2 Troops and 0-1 Elite or Fast.  4’ x 4’ tables and after you lose half your figures, you have to make LD tests [at a cumulative –1 after the first] until you fail, at which point you lose.

What I took:

Now I normally play Imperial Guard and thought long and hard on this, but I had a Tau Mega-force I traded for and thought about what I could take from that.  Long story Short.  I took a Piranha with Flechette Dischargers and 3 Stealth suits [one with a Fusion Blaster] and one Gun Drone on a controller each.

Round 1 – Orks [30 of them]

So My first match up was against a band of 30 Ork boyz with a couple of Rokkets.  the game was my longest of the day and after many rounds of shooting [with mixed success on both sides and one of my Gun Drones making 12 Armor Saves!] the Orks popped thier WAAAAAGH! and engaged me in Melee combat.  In the next 2 turns my Drones [with no help from the stealth suits] killed off 7 Ork boyz.  Then I failed my first LD test [the ork player made all his] and the game ended with the rest of the tournament players and the store owner cheering and laughing.  It was a great game and a good start [even with the loss] for the tournament.

Round 2 – Blood Angel [yeah, just the one]

My next match was against a player who brought a Librarian Dreadnaught.  Just the one dread with Magna Grapple and psycic powers.  So I infiltrated my Piranha and shot him in the back armor with a Str 5 Burst Cannon and Penetrated with a wreck.  Game!  Less than 5 minutes including set up.  This was exactly how his first game went with the CSM Raptor dropping a Plasma gun in his rear and popping him in 7.5 minutes.  Not a great game, but a win.

Round 3 – Imperial Guard [Veterans]

My last game was an IG Vet squad with a Chimera and a Lascannon Hvy. Weapon Team.  This was the most difficult of the games as I lost 4 of my 9 figures and just managed to make him roll LD after dropping him to half on Turn 5 and he rolled an 11.  It was a tight game and a lot of fun.

So, I took “Adept of Mars” [Best Painted] and 3rd place over all.  I had a great time and have found I like the Tau.  I may keep building them.  ;)




  1. LOL I feel for the poor guy with the Dread...very interesting report Gobbo! I may look into the Battle Missions book as a way to get my FLGC owner to start putting some 40k Stuff on the table.

  2. Gobbo... I tried to tell you that Tau are alot of fun... you just have to know how to play them. Glad you had a great time with them.

    Oh and btw... I love the way they are painted