Friday, April 2, 2010

Warhammer 40k tournament in one week

So my FLGS is running a team 40k tournament next week.  The rules are simple:
Each person on the team gets 1000 points
Each team member may take a force with the following rules:
  • 1 HQ
  • 0-1 Elites
  • 1-3 Troops
  • 0-1 Fast
  • 0-1 Heavy
Amrys can be from any legal Codecis and the combination of forces is not restricted [yes your Chaos Space Marines can fight side by side with the Sisters of Battle]. 

So I am putting together my force.  I will be playing with my friend John, who is bringing his assault heavy Space Wolves.  I am bringing a very mobile infantry Renegade Imperial Guard force, that also has a Medusa with Breacher Shells.  My goal is to annoy and pop armor with meltas and S10 AP1 Heavy 1 Blast shots.  His is to Drop pod in and assault as quick as he can. 

May the Dice be With Us!

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like a decent battle plan. You pop the cans he Mops them up when they stumble out of the wreckage. Good luck! =)