Monday, April 5, 2010

This week

So the owner of the FLGS I play at Stonebridge Games has asked me to demo some of the game I got to play at GAMA a few weeks ago.  So, what am I going to be teaching?

  1. Battle Spirits TCG - This game is a fast playing monster summoning card game that has a unique and useful "power" system [Cores as they call them] that prevents you from getting stuck without any power to  do anything.
  2. Naruto TCG - A game of Ninjas and thier special powers.  Battle one another and summon more and more powerful people to fight with you.
  3. Ex Illis Miniatures - A uniques computer controlled system that prevets "Creative measureing and rules interpritations".  It uses a computer, iPhone ot iPod Touch [the iPad as well] to controll all the random factors and keep track of the abilities of the units you have.
  4. PK Cards - a fun ccg that plays very tactically and has some awsome art work.
I will be at Stonebridge games at about 5pm and will be there until close.  I will post an update tomorrow aboutr how it goes!

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