Thursday, April 15, 2010


[RANT1]Ok, so what is up with Dell?  I ordered a computer from thier website that said it would be: "Delivered in 48 hours".  I ordered it yesterday and now I get an email from them letting me know it will be at my house on Monday.  Last I checked...  that ain't 48 hours...  >:(  and why did they send my software upgrade and my mouse seperately from the computer?  This seems odd to me... [/RANT1]

[RANT2]People, I swear to God the next asshat that doesn't pay attention to the "Stay In Lane" sign or that crosses a solid white line on the highway, I wil stab them to death with my car![/RANT2]


  1. Re: Rant1 As a past (and never again) purchaser of a Dell Computer via the web, they send out the Software/Mouse because they are packaged separately to begin with. I got my Mouse/Keyboard/Software and Bill..all in one package and my PC arrived 3 days later. It' not just's a Dell :P

  2. Actually, my Laptop and the Software arrived the same day [that Friday and the Mouse didn't get here until 2 days later.

    The reason they do this, is because they ship from several locations around the US and so the Mouse came from TN, the Computer from TX and the Software from WI