Sunday, April 11, 2010

3 Rounds of Hell!

Well, the tournament was awsome!  I played 3 Great games with some fantastic folks!  Everyone was really freindly and I didn't have a single "Asshat" moment come up.

My Teammate and I arrived in the Longmont area for a "pre-tourny" breakfast.  We discussed plans for the game, how his job search was going and just general chat about our game group.  After breakfast we checked in at the store [Stonebridge Games] and got our Team Number assignment, we were Team 3.

Round One...   Fight!
So in the first round we went up against a couple of really awsome guy's I had the chance to play last year at the World Wide War, they played a combined Sisters of Battle army that was stunningly painted.  The force looked awsome and the "lighted headlamps" on all the Rhinos was off the hook!  The scenario's Primary mission was to take one of 3 objectives and had table Quarter set up.  The 1st turn looked really good as I immobalized one Rhino and made 2 more explode taking out several Sisters in the process.  Then my dice abandoned me!  The rest of the game just got worse and worse.  [Like rolling 18 dice, needing a 4+ to hit and only hitting with 3, and then failing to wound with any of them...]  We lost, but it was a great game and the guys we played were just too fun.  Can't wait to face them again...

Round 2
Round two was not bad.  We scored our bigest win here.  We were facing a combined Ravenwing/Vanilla SM force and it was gery well designed.  It is a good thing I brought the Hydra Flak Tank!  The scenario was Pitched Battle with 5 objectives [one in the center and 2 in each deployment zone]  It was a good game and only 2 last turn routes off the table left us with 4 out of 5 objectives.

Round 3
This was a Dawn of War with Night Fight trhough out the whole game.  We faced an IG/Ork list that was massive.  3 Chimera, a Scout sentinal, and tons of troops.  We only got to the end of turn 2 and barely got the victory, but we all wished we could have finished the game.  It would have been bloody once the Orks got into contact!

Well, off to paint a bit and then sleep some before work tomorrow...

The Gobbo

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