Saturday, April 17, 2010

Playing in an RPG… sort of?

Hey all.  So I have started playing in a play-by-post game a buddy of mines is running.  It is a 2nd Edition Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay and it has been an off and on thing for about 6 years now.  I am playing the same character I started and in game only about 3-4 months have passed, but the group who is playing has been an amazing group to interact with and I love playing the character.

So, I am looking to start a new game, but am not sure what I should run.  I am thinking a Dresden Files Game or maybe a Sci-Fi or Superhero game.  I’ll keep you posted…

Thursday, April 15, 2010


[RANT1]Ok, so what is up with Dell?  I ordered a computer from thier website that said it would be: "Delivered in 48 hours".  I ordered it yesterday and now I get an email from them letting me know it will be at my house on Monday.  Last I checked...  that ain't 48 hours...  >:(  and why did they send my software upgrade and my mouse seperately from the computer?  This seems odd to me... [/RANT1]

[RANT2]People, I swear to God the next asshat that doesn't pay attention to the "Stay In Lane" sign or that crosses a solid white line on the highway, I wil stab them to death with my car![/RANT2]

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ex Illis

So, tonight we are going to be playing Ex Illis.  If you don't know what Ex Illis is, please take a look at thier website.

How does it work?

You play the game on a large battlefield divided into 'zones'. The units move on the battlefield from zone to zone. On a unit's turn, you choose between the various actions available to your unit in the gaming software, such as attacking, charging or casting a spell. The software then shows the miniatures fighting, blocking and evading hits, so you can see what happened during the turn.

The physical battlefield gives the players all the game's macro information, while the software shows only one zone at a time, but in more detail (hit points left, status effects, etc). This means you'll do all of your tactical thinking by looking at the battlefield, and you'll feel like you're right in the thick of the action as your troops exchange blows with the enemy.

That is per thier website.  It is a great game.  I got to play it at the GAMA Trade Show and really fell in love with it.  It is a fantastic game and I was VERY supprised by how quick it was to learn and how tactical the game really is.  The grid makes movement easy [and uncheatable] and the computer prevents mistakes on dice rolls and calculations.  It takes about 10 minutes to really learn how to play and has some great features added into the software.
You do have to buy thier figures to play.  Each figure set comes with a code oyu must enter on thier website and it then adds that item to your collection on thier site.  You then build a "Muster" from your collection and save it under your login.  When you get together with your opponent, you both log into the device [iPhone/PC/MAC/laptop] and choose which of your musters to use.  Then you set up the board and do your deployment on the device [while placing the unit on the coordinated area on the grid] and hit go.  It then tells you which unit has the current initiative and lets you review your options.  Once you know what you want to do, you click on the ability and it shows you what happens.
The miniatures look great and are fun to paint, the graphics are wonderful and the game plays very smooth.  I do hate to bring this up, but cheaters will not like this game at all.  The system prevents you from cheesing and cheating, so games are a matter of skill and luck, not deception and lies.
I will post a little more about how well the game is recived after the demos tonight and let you all know what the general reaction is.
The Gobbo

Sunday, April 11, 2010

3 Rounds of Hell!

Well, the tournament was awsome!  I played 3 Great games with some fantastic folks!  Everyone was really freindly and I didn't have a single "Asshat" moment come up.

My Teammate and I arrived in the Longmont area for a "pre-tourny" breakfast.  We discussed plans for the game, how his job search was going and just general chat about our game group.  After breakfast we checked in at the store [Stonebridge Games] and got our Team Number assignment, we were Team 3.

Round One...   Fight!
So in the first round we went up against a couple of really awsome guy's I had the chance to play last year at the World Wide War, they played a combined Sisters of Battle army that was stunningly painted.  The force looked awsome and the "lighted headlamps" on all the Rhinos was off the hook!  The scenario's Primary mission was to take one of 3 objectives and had table Quarter set up.  The 1st turn looked really good as I immobalized one Rhino and made 2 more explode taking out several Sisters in the process.  Then my dice abandoned me!  The rest of the game just got worse and worse.  [Like rolling 18 dice, needing a 4+ to hit and only hitting with 3, and then failing to wound with any of them...]  We lost, but it was a great game and the guys we played were just too fun.  Can't wait to face them again...

Round 2
Round two was not bad.  We scored our bigest win here.  We were facing a combined Ravenwing/Vanilla SM force and it was gery well designed.  It is a good thing I brought the Hydra Flak Tank!  The scenario was Pitched Battle with 5 objectives [one in the center and 2 in each deployment zone]  It was a good game and only 2 last turn routes off the table left us with 4 out of 5 objectives.

Round 3
This was a Dawn of War with Night Fight trhough out the whole game.  We faced an IG/Ork list that was massive.  3 Chimera, a Scout sentinal, and tons of troops.  We only got to the end of turn 2 and barely got the victory, but we all wished we could have finished the game.  It would have been bloody once the Orks got into contact!

Well, off to paint a bit and then sleep some before work tomorrow...

The Gobbo

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Best BBQ in Denver...

Ok, so I know I mostly blog about gaming and stuff, but last night I had the best BBQ I have ever tasted in my life.  It came from a Local Denver CO place called Brickyard BBQ.  My wife tried the ribs and I go the 3 meat combo [Brisket, Chicken and Hot Links], it was less then $25 [with drinks] and we took enough home to have for dinner or lunch tomorrow.  Thier sauce is really good and thier sides are fresh and not sitting under a heat lamp for hours.

If you are in Denver, do check them out as it iw worth finding them and having some really great BBQ.

Monday, April 5, 2010

This week

So the owner of the FLGS I play at Stonebridge Games has asked me to demo some of the game I got to play at GAMA a few weeks ago.  So, what am I going to be teaching?

  1. Battle Spirits TCG - This game is a fast playing monster summoning card game that has a unique and useful "power" system [Cores as they call them] that prevents you from getting stuck without any power to  do anything.
  2. Naruto TCG - A game of Ninjas and thier special powers.  Battle one another and summon more and more powerful people to fight with you.
  3. Ex Illis Miniatures - A uniques computer controlled system that prevets "Creative measureing and rules interpritations".  It uses a computer, iPhone ot iPod Touch [the iPad as well] to controll all the random factors and keep track of the abilities of the units you have.
  4. PK Cards - a fun ccg that plays very tactically and has some awsome art work.
I will be at Stonebridge games at about 5pm and will be there until close.  I will post an update tomorrow aboutr how it goes!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Warhammer 40k tournament in one week

So my FLGS is running a team 40k tournament next week.  The rules are simple:
Each person on the team gets 1000 points
Each team member may take a force with the following rules:
  • 1 HQ
  • 0-1 Elites
  • 1-3 Troops
  • 0-1 Fast
  • 0-1 Heavy
Amrys can be from any legal Codecis and the combination of forces is not restricted [yes your Chaos Space Marines can fight side by side with the Sisters of Battle]. 

So I am putting together my force.  I will be playing with my friend John, who is bringing his assault heavy Space Wolves.  I am bringing a very mobile infantry Renegade Imperial Guard force, that also has a Medusa with Breacher Shells.  My goal is to annoy and pop armor with meltas and S10 AP1 Heavy 1 Blast shots.  His is to Drop pod in and assault as quick as he can. 

May the Dice be With Us!