Tuesday, March 30, 2010

GAMA Wrap Up part II

Welcome to part II!  So on to more things I saw at GAMA:
  • Catalyst Game Labs [Poo, Leviathans] - So Catalyst was there with thier usual products.  Shadowrun, Chthulu Tech, Battletech, etc...  They also had a few new and prototype games comming out this year.  Poo - This is a cool little fight game about monkeys how throw thier poo at each other, there are blocking cards and the puns run rich and heavy.  I know my friends will go ape over this game.  :)  Leviathans - This is a great looking map based steampunk naval combat game.  It uses a hex map and uses resin [?] ships.  The prototype I saw was 5-6 inches long and it was a large battleship class.  The ships are made with Rapid 3D prototypeing and look awsome!  This is one I will definately be keeping an eye on.!
  • AEG [Dust Tactics] - This is one I have been waiting for.  Over 2 years in the making, Dust Tactics was introduced at GAMA 2 years ago and was to be an off-shoot for the AT-43 game.  It has since changed gears and is to be released as a miniature board game later this year.  The models are simply awsome and the box will have 2 Tank Walkers and 3 units for both the German and US forces.  The figures are fantastic sculpts and the system looks to be fast and easy to play.  I will keep you all informed of any thing new I hear about it!
  • PKXL Cards, Inc.  [PK Cards] - PK Cards is a unique game system in that players play multiple rounds of the game with out shuffline the [what in most games would be] HUGE decks of cards.  You have an Avatar card with a special ability and you play 7 "Skirmishes" per turn.  These are rounds of 7 fights to see who can win the most out of 7 short combats.  The winner of each round gains one Renown point and the game ends when one person hits 7 renown points.  Now I only got to play one turn [so 7 battles] and it was a great little game.  It should play really fast and the art is really well done in it.  They also have a points reward system that you can earn cards, promos and T-shirts [thier shirts are pretty damn cool too]. and even iPods and PS3s.  Take a look and you can play online for free or get online cards to play with.  They are even going to be doing an animated series that is to premier on Cartoon Networks Adult Swim.  I think this could be a good IP, we will have to wait and see...
  • Vallejo [Paints] - Ok, I have always been a fan of Vallejo and think thier paints are really well done.  The new stuff comming this year only reenforces my love of the product.  They now have a full line of washes that rival any I have tried from other companies.  Including a wash that is a really translucent light grey that is freeking amazing for whites!  They have a new line of weathering powders and wethering paints that I got to try and really like a lot.  They also have a new line of Airbrush Primers comming out that I am dieing to play with [no more fumes and waiting on weather to prime my figs!
Anyway, I know I have missed some stuff, but really don't want to bore you with the list of Crap-tacular stuff I saw.  Only the good bits.  ;)  Well, that has been a run through of the GAMA show.  If there are any products you want more info on, let me know.  I am sure I have missed something, but let me know and I will edit or add a part III. 

The Gobbo

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  1. Nice write up Gobbo! I really have to get out to some of these events in the future. I want to meet Romeo and "Walk off with" some bags myself :P